Saturday, 16 April 2016

Recipe: Vegan Pancakes


I've recently been trying to eat a plant based diet and it has been wonderful. I enjoy food shopping much more, I feel much better and it challenges me to make new recipes with no animal products. I simply love it! Today, I had a craving for some pancakes, so I just customised my usual pancake recipe, so that it would be vegan.  And they turned out great. Creamy, sweet, satisfying and very healthy.

Here is the recipe:


- 2 cups of flour (I used whole wheat)
- 2 cups of any plant based milk (I used oat milk)
- 1 medium banana, mashed
- 3 teaspoons of baking powder
- pinch of salt

- sunflower oil (or whatever type of oil you want; for cooking the pancakes)

- 2 tbsp blackberry jam
- 3 tbsp frozen blackberries, thawed (or fresh of course)
- rice syrup
- cocoa powder
(just make sure everything's vegan)

1. Firstly, put the jam and blackberries into a small pot, turn the heat to medium and cook it for 10 minutes, until it turns sticky.
2. Meanwhile, mix all of the ingredients for the pancakes (flour, milk, banana, baking powder, salt) thoroughly.
3. Put a little bit of sunflower oil into a pan and heat it to a medium. Start making the pancakes - you'll know when they're ready when they start to be really bubbly and puffy (it took me about 1 or 2 minutes), just turn them and cook for another minute or two (it depends on the type of your pan, stove and the thickness of the pancakes)
4. I stacked them like a pancake cake, in between each layer I put a bit of rice syrup and the mulled blackberry mixture we made earlier. I topped it with banana chunks and some cocoa powder.

I hope you enjoy them! You can of course customise it by using whatever toppings you prefer, for example peanut butter, dairy-free yogurt, coconut, chocolate spread, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, raisins, dates, etc.

If you try the recipe, please let me know how it went!
Thank you for reading and have a lovely day ♡

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